How to De-Clutter Sustainably – Part 2

Do you have old phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices that you no longer use but you don’t know how to get rid of them? In this day and age we all do! Clearly those can’t be thrown away, so what do you do with them? Are they worth selling? Can they be recycled?… Continue reading How to De-Clutter Sustainably – Part 2

How to De-clutter Sustainably – Part 1

Do you have a lot of stuff? Have you ever wanted to reduce your amount of stuff but didn’t know what to do with it? We certainly do! Today’s advice will provide some ways you can eliminate some of your old items in what we consider the “best ways.” What do we mean by the… Continue reading How to De-clutter Sustainably – Part 1

Sustainable Food Storage Options

We all need ways to store our food, why not do it sustainably? Yesterday we suggested biodegradable trash bags (if you missed the link you’ll find them again at the bottom. Continuing with the theme of ways to make your kitchen sustainable… Sustainable Living Tip #2: Check out these compostable food storage bags as an… Continue reading Sustainable Food Storage Options

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is a word we see a lot lately, but what does it really mean? Many believe it is synonymous with  “green,” and in many cases it can be, but in our new generation of thinking the applications of the word itself has evolved. The simple Google definition is “the ability to be maintained at… Continue reading What is Sustainability?

Welcome to Our World

Welcome! This is our first post and our first blog. We have always had a passion for having ideas we want to share with the world, and have always wanted to write a blog. Narrowing down the right topic has been a struggle of ours for the last few months. We always wanted to write… Continue reading Welcome to Our World