Kiddie School Punny Blunders

This is just a fun one for today. Have you ever had a WTF moment while helping your kids with their schoolwork? You see a question or a title of something and you ask yourself, “are they for real?” “did actual adults proofread this before giving it to children?” “do my kids have any idea… Continue reading Kiddie School Punny Blunders

We are not “Husbands” or “Fathers…”

This is an open letter to hetero-normative people out there. We apologize (slightly, but not really) for the rant, but these constant frustrations are such a challenge the LGBTQ community! Dear sheltered and naive hetero-normative folks: When we say that you are sheltered and naive, we don’t mean any dis-respect, it’s probably not your fault… Continue reading We are not “Husbands” or “Fathers…”

“Hi, I’m Landon, and these are my 4 moms”

That was how our son (10) introduced himself and his mothers at a school open house last year. He was so casual and cool about it like it was something totally normal (because it is) and what everybody would say (you don’t hear things like that too often). We have a large and “interesting: family.… Continue reading “Hi, I’m Landon, and these are my 4 moms”

Toilet Talk

Also, toilet paper talk. Let’s get real and be honest with ourselves and each other. Do you flush every time? Do you have one of those fancy two button flush option toilet that lets you use less water when you’ve only gone #1? In our household we don’t have fancy toilets. We prefer other items… Continue reading Toilet Talk

I Thought We Were All Out of the Closet Already..

The title comes from the fact that one of my sister’s and myself are both gay. Between that and the fact our shared dad has been married 3 times, my mom has been married 3 times, and we each have a whole bunch of siblings all related through marriages and halfsies, and then throwing the… Continue reading I Thought We Were All Out of the Closet Already..

Long Lost Cousins

Have you ever heard those crazy stories about people discovering family members they never knew existed or finding out they were adopted by doing DNA testing? Has it ever happened to you personally? Most people read those stories and are like wow that’s crazy my family isn’t that exciting! Just wait….between this story and the… Continue reading Long Lost Cousins

Teenagers are easy, said no one ever.

If you thought the last post was personal…I hope you’re ready to get even more up close and personal with these two wives! The week before Thanksgiving, we had just started trying to get pregnant again after the downpour of stress and drama we had been experiencing. We were starting to mellow out and get… Continue reading Teenagers are easy, said no one ever.