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Welcome! This is our first post and our first blog. We have always had a passion for having ideas we want to share with the world, and have always wanted to write a blog. Narrowing down the right topic has been a struggle of ours for the last few months. We always wanted to write about travel, specifically LGBTQ friendly travel, for those of us who have a family and a desire to travel all over the world, but fear how we may be treated in some destinations due to our sexuality or appearance. This topic resonates with us but didn’t seem to have quite enough “oomph” to get us going. Then, this past weekend, I was inspired.

We are two wives, and two moms. We are also two working professionals and Rotarians. We are passionate about service: serving community, serving internationally, serving humanity. We care deeply about people, animals, and the environment. Last weekend we participated in a Beach Cleanup with my club where a group of us met at the beach, put on gloves, grabbed a trash pack, and spent about an hour and a half filling our bags with trash from our local beach. We do this fairly regularly when we have free weekend mornings. We love participating in these types of community service activities because there is little to no planning, it takes a short amount of time, but the reward is huge.

As we sifted through the sand picking up dirty diapers, cigarette butts, metal cans, socks, feminine products, glass, etc. and stuffed our plastic trash bags, a thought occurred to us. We are picking up all this trash, many of these items plastic, because it doesn’t belong in the ground, but then we are placing it in a plastic bag which will likely end up in the ground. A simple, and now what seems almost silly, thought that we had never realized before: Why aren’t we using biodegradable bags? Not only are we not using these bags at home, but even on a beach cleanup, which should be focused on reducing waste, we were using a harmful product. This in turn inspired the big idea.

Sustainable Living

As humans we have evolved to finally think before we act, to realize the consequences of our actions and have forethought enough to prevent harmful actions. We are attempting to reverse the mistakes of the generations before who lacked that knowledge and power. Today, we have the power to prevent further destruction and to completely change the actions of our generation and the future generations of humans.

All we have to do is change our individual habits.

It starts with small changes like purchasing biodegradable trash bags and can go as far as no longer purchasing items that are overproduced or from companies that are notorious offenders of overproduction.

We have begun to weed out the waste in our lives and want to share the journey with you! Enjoy our posts for advice on how to make your lives more sustainable so we can leave behind a prosperous world for the next generations, to even make it possible for those next generations to exist! Due to our passion for travel and our expertise in the area of being gay, we will also be sharing tidbits about ways to incorporate your sustainability into your vacations, and sharing the LGBTQ travel hot-spots and safety tips as well!

We will leave you with this quote from Albert Einstein: “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” We have to change the way we think and act and learn from the generations before.

Here is Sustainable Living Tip #1:

These are some awesome biodegradable trash bags that are ALSO made by the visually impaired or blind in America. You can’t get more sustainable than that! Plus, who doesn’t love free shipping from Amazon prime?

Check out the EcoSafe Stout 13 Gallons:

Or the EcoSafe Stout 33 Gallons:

Apparently those don’t deliver easily everywhere so here is another option in 13 gallons:

We do want to be clear that the links provided are through amazon’s affiliate program, but these products are ones that we know and love, and the ultimate goal is to provide you quality options for living sustainably.

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