Sustainable Food Storage Options

We all need ways to store our food, why not do it sustainably?

Yesterday we suggested biodegradable trash bags (if you missed the link you’ll find them again at the bottom. Continuing with the theme of ways to make your kitchen sustainable…

Sustainable Living Tip #2:

Check out these compostable food storage bags as an alternative to plastic ones by BioBag or Debbie Meyer:

For shopping/storing your produce consider either compostable produce bags also made by BioBag or use reusable bags so you aren’t generating any waste:

Our last suggestion with food storage is to just use a form of reusable containers that you can wash and reuse over and over again. It’s worth it to invest in the high quality ones as well so they will last longer. Glass food storage containers are better than plastic, but either is at least in part a sustainable method. Our favorite containers are the Snapware brand because they lock tight and are easily stackable:

Glass ones: 

If you missed the biodegradable trash bags from yesterday here’s another link:

We do want to be clear that the links provided are through amazon’s affiliate program, but these products are ones that we know and love, and the ultimate goal is to provide you quality options for living sustainably.

Happy living from the two wives!

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