Long Lost Cousins

Have you ever heard those crazy stories about people discovering family members they never knew existed or finding out they were adopted by doing DNA testing? Has it ever happened to you personally? Most people read those stories and are like wow that’s crazy my family isn’t that exciting! Just wait….between this story and the next, you’ll learn that you never really know what spiders are hiding in your family closet. These next two stories are about and told by Jules.

One day last year I received a random Facebook message from a stranger named Ray who claimed that we were cousins and his mother was my great aunt Marion. I asked my sister about it and my dad (whom he was claiming would be his first cousin) and we all agreed it was a scam, because Marion was a lesbian and had lived with her female partner for as long as anyone could remember. We let it go. Later that week, my dad calls me and tells me that it’s real! Apparently Ray had found their Aunt Bernie and had met her and showed his birth certificate and she knew it was the truth. After seeing his photos and seeing that he and my dad were essentially twins, we knew for sure that he was another Pollock of our family blood line!

Apparently, Ray was adopted in the same town that my dad grew up, by another Polish family. About 26 years ago he found his birth mother and she had told him that he was the product of rape and asked him to not contact anyone else in the family until she died. He respected her wishes, and she passed away early last year. He then began looking us all up and tracked us down via social media. He also did Ancestry DNA and since has found the majority of his biological family history.

We all got together last September and took photos and shared family history and it was so wonderful to find such a great piece of our family!

Photocred: https://makeameme.org/meme/if-you-think-bfdk4d

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  1. It’s been a joyful ride connecting with the Cuprys family with Ray. Such cool and wonderful people. So happy we got to meet you and your family. Excited about the little one’s arrival for you ! Love, Janet


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