Toilet Talk

Also, toilet paper talk. Let’s get real and be honest with ourselves and each other. Do you flush every time? Do you have one of those fancy two button flush option toilet that lets you use less water when you’ve only gone #1?

In our household we don’t have fancy toilets. We prefer other items in fancy. We do, however, try to reduce the amount of water we use by not flushing every time. You may be thinking, “omg that’s so gross!!” but when you’ve only gone #1 it’s almost sterile (insert shrug emoji here) plus it’s such a waste of water! We like to flush every 3 times…at least that would be the goal anyway…we don’t always follow through with that unfortunately. You can do a bunch of your own research (like Jules did after we moved in together because she was shocked and horrified that Jen didn’t flush every time) or you can take our word on it that we have done SO much research and it’s a more sustainable option! You likely won’t notice a huge reduction in your water bill, but know that you are using less and you’re helping the water supply in your area!

I do have a caution: Try to limit it to every 3rd #1 (for women, men don’t often use toilet paper), otherwise you get a lot of toilet paper in one big flush and that can cause problems.

I would also recommend using an organic or really degradable toilet paper to help too. But, here’s the thing about toilet paper, we only like Kirkland Brand Costco toilet paper. Everybody has a preference on the plushness on their tushy and the thickness and the residue etc.  So, if you’re as particular as we are about the type of toilet paper your behind needs to feel clean and fresh, no judgments here on its sustainability! Do something else to offset your lack of green butt paper 😉

If you thought this toilet talk was too gross or intimate, just hold onto your britches! I’m sure we’ll find many other ways to make you feel even MORE uncomfortable! Embrace the awkwardness, be prepared to get weird.

Happy sustainabling!