Kiddie School Punny Blunders

This is just a fun one for today.

Have you ever had a WTF moment while helping your kids with their schoolwork? You see a question or a title of something and you ask yourself, “are they for real?” “did actual adults proofread this before giving it to children?” “do my kids have any idea what that says or means?”

We’re sure you’ve seen some of the hilarious posts of kids’ clever (smartass) responses to test and homework questions like when it says to find x and the kid circles x in the question. The best ones, we find though, are when the adult made documents have the “punny” mistakes (or accidentally on purpose placements?)

The featured image is one that we discovered on our niece’s classwork from third grade. These are worksheets that are all over! “CUM TIME!” with happy, excited, cum time loving people waving at you! Woohoo it’s cum time!! Starting them early on pleasure education…

Enjoy the giggle with us!


The Two Wives

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