We are not “Husbands” or “Fathers…”

This is an open letter to hetero-normative people out there. We apologize (slightly, but not really) for the rant, but these constant frustrations are such a challenge the LGBTQ community! Dear sheltered and naive hetero-normative folks: When we say that you are sheltered and naive, we don’t mean any dis-respect, it’s probably not your fault… Continue reading We are not “Husbands” or “Fathers…”

When it rains it pours..

But hey…at least we’re officially wives so our blog title isn’t a total lie! When we first started planning a wedding, we anticipated having a small number of people (40-60) to have a more intimate, easier, and cheaper event. We didn’t want a traditional marriage with long ceremony, we wanted it to be one big… Continue reading When it rains it pours..

Haitus Matata

Bless you! After saying that super “punny” title. Hey again small group of followers! Wow, we apologize dearly for starting up this blog and then stopping so suddenly and in the middle of a sequence of posts. Boy have we been busy! We started trying to get pregnant, we had a wedding, one of us… Continue reading Haitus Matata

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is a word we see a lot lately, but what does it really mean? Many believe it is synonymous with  “green,” and in many cases it can be, but in our new generation of thinking the applications of the word itself has evolved. The simple Google definition is “the ability to be maintained at… Continue reading What is Sustainability?