“Hi, I’m Landon, and these are my 4 moms”

That was how our son (10) introduced himself and his mothers at a school open house last year. He was so casual and cool about it like it was something totally normal (because it is) and what everybody would say (you don’t hear things like that too often). We have a large and “interesting: family.… Continue reading “Hi, I’m Landon, and these are my 4 moms”

Toilet Talk

Also, toilet paper talk. Let’s get real and be honest with ourselves and each other. Do you flush every time? Do you have one of those fancy two button flush option toilet that lets you use less water when you’ve only gone #1? In our household we don’t have fancy toilets. We prefer other items… Continue reading Toilet Talk

Teenagers are easy, said no one ever.

If you thought the last post was personal…I hope you’re ready to get even more up close and personal with these two wives! The week before Thanksgiving, we had just started trying to get pregnant again after the downpour of stress and drama we had been experiencing. We were starting to mellow out and get… Continue reading Teenagers are easy, said no one ever.

When it rains it pours..

But hey…at least we’re officially wives so our blog title isn’t a total lie! When we first started planning a wedding, we anticipated having a small number of people (40-60) to have a more intimate, easier, and cheaper event. We didn’t want a traditional marriage with long ceremony, we wanted it to be one big… Continue reading When it rains it pours..

Haitus Matata

Bless you! After saying that super “punny” title. Hey again small group of followers! Wow, we apologize dearly for starting up this blog and then stopping so suddenly and in the middle of a sequence of posts. Boy have we been busy! We started trying to get pregnant, we had a wedding, one of us… Continue reading Haitus Matata

How to De-Clutter Sustainably – Part 2

Do you have old phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices that you no longer use but you don’t know how to get rid of them? In this day and age we all do! Clearly those can’t be thrown away, so what do you do with them? Are they worth selling? Can they be recycled?… Continue reading How to De-Clutter Sustainably – Part 2

How to De-clutter Sustainably – Part 1

Do you have a lot of stuff? Have you ever wanted to reduce your amount of stuff but didn’t know what to do with it? We certainly do! Today’s advice will provide some ways you can eliminate some of your old items in what we consider the “best ways.” What do we mean by the… Continue reading How to De-clutter Sustainably – Part 1