I Thought We Were All Out of the Closet Already..

The title comes from the fact that one of my sister’s and myself are both gay. Between that and the fact our shared dad has been married 3 times, my mom has been married 3 times, and we each have a whole bunch of siblings all related through marriages and halfsies, and then throwing the… Continue reading I Thought We Were All Out of the Closet Already..

When it rains it pours..

But hey…at least we’re officially wives so our blog title isn’t a total lie! When we first started planning a wedding, we anticipated having a small number of people (40-60) to have a more intimate, easier, and cheaper event. We didn’t want a traditional marriage with long ceremony, we wanted it to be one big… Continue reading When it rains it pours..

Haitus Matata

Bless you! After saying that super “punny” title. Hey again small group of followers! Wow, we apologize dearly for starting up this blog and then stopping so suddenly and in the middle of a sequence of posts. Boy have we been busy! We started trying to get pregnant, we had a wedding, one of us… Continue reading Haitus Matata